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Our people, first

Cristalmet is defined as a family business, where our main capital is our people. Its responsibility is carried with manufacturing and delivering a high quality product, satisfying the requirements and manufacturing standards of each one of the companies which represents.

Training our staff is a top priority. Our operators are trained annually, improving themselves both local and internationally.

The trust placed in us by our clients, in each of their projects, is attended with extreme dedication by all our staff.

High quality products

Throughout these last 15 years we learned how to choose the right products to produce day by day. That is why we work with first-line providers: The firm ALCEMAR in aluminum profiles; VEKA in PVC profiles from Germany; GIESSE in Italian hardware; GU in German hardware; VASA in glass provition and RIAL in the highest DVH(double hermetic glass) technology.

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Commitment with the client

Throughout our history, our commitment with our clients was the main factor to obtain products of the highest quality, satisfying all the requirements and needs of the project, making a friend out of every customer.

Adaptation to natural environment

Our styles, colors and appearances blend with nature’s, achieving the balance of these recyclable materials in a common environment for everyone.

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Why should you choose us?

Cristalmet offers customer satisfaction oriented services. Our staff, our factory and the projects successfully completed are constant samples of the level of excellence which we are at.

We respect our deadlines.
We advise on each occasion utilizing our experience on each of our products and we resolve each of the professionals' inquiries and concerns.
We are a group of people dedicated to service and honesty. We offer post-selling guarantee to all of our works with no time limit.
We train ourselves everyday with the latest technology equipment.